Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Discers v. Limp-Wristers

When Shay Totten addressed the need for a Disc Golf course near Burlington VT in his "Seven Days" magazine article last April, he did so by taking a shot at gays... No one told Shay that the city of Burlington needed to choose between Gay Marriage and Disc Golf Courses, rather, the disc golf community has long been anti-gay... and used their attempts at course building to take yet another shot.

Disc Golf vs. Gays has been a long enduring trend in this professional sport. The following is an account of a course designer pushing gay sex out of public parks in favor of disc golf..
http://seanlovelace.com/2009/07/14/disc-golf-is-basically-bad-ass/. Sean writes, "Before disc golf the park was a haven of drug-deals and gay sex."

In an online forum about disc golf sites around Bozeman Montana, one anonymous writer adds a post which reads, "I've read that public parks are common pick-up grounds for hypersexualized gay men, as well as often being top choices for disc golf course installation, but there does not appear to be much crossover between the two activities, as far as I've seen." (www.bozemanonline.com/listfollowups.php?boardpostid=46)
Disc golfers can even support their anti-gay stance by purchasing t-shirts at http://discshirts.com/shirts.htm which proclaim that disc golf is less gay than rollerblading. While not overtly saying that the sport is strictly heterosexual (In fact this statement is about as telling as me saying, I'm less retarded than Corky from "Life Goes On"), the implications no doubt strengthen what appears to be a rising trend.

While it's not clear whether the sentiment has been carried into the sport by hoards of homophobes, or whether the sport itself is breeding a culture of anti-gay, it is clear that many discers support openly gay soldiers fighting in the military. I urge you to examine some of theposts on one of the most commented on forums at discgolfreview.com, "Gays serving open in the military" (http://www.discgolfreview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16374&st=o&sk=t&sd=a) The overwhelming support to put our nation's openly gay on the front line may just be disc golf's conspiratorial attempt at a legal form of execution, leaving the dirty work to our enemy combatants. Though many of the disc golfers appear to be following the trend, some feel like Parks, a forum poster on 2/03/10 who wrote, "I don't want some dude watching my ass instead of covering my six. How can you shoot straight with a limp wrist?" What I take from this is that Parks wants a dude to cover his six... This isn't surprising as Park's tag line on every post is, "We're at our best when it's from our hips", hmm. Maybe the gays are rubbing off on some disc golfers after all. (Perhaps Parks would be well served by the note on 4/15/08 regarding FAQ 2006.15 of the PDGA's officials rules, Kneeling on a towel. "One may use a towel or small pad (with a maximum compressed thickness of 1 centimeter) in order to prevent harm/abrasion to the body during competitive play." (http://www.pdga.com/files.documents/RulesQ&A.pdf))

The sport clearly is seeing a rising trend in anti-gay sentiment. Shy of an all-out disc golf vs. homosexual movement, discers are trying to remodel the landscape and function of local gay hangouts, to wipe out the gay community by ousting their private lives on enemy lines, and making city government choose between gays and discers. The PDGA should be notified about this disturbing trend. Concerns may be addressed to Carlton Howard, 3616 Willow Bluff Dr., Raleigh, NC USA 27064, chh3@coastalfcu.org.
"the new lake course is super gay. gay i tell you!!!!" (www.myspace.com/ukiahdiscgolfclub)

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